Luxury Makeup products are an asset for every makeup lover. Dior is one such luxury brand that blows me away . Having tried most of the fragrances from this brand, I couldn’t stop myself to get my hands on its makeup products, so, this one is my first makeup purchase from Dior. There are 44 shades in Dior Addict Lipstick Range, so makeup wearers have a variety to choose from. Read on to find out more about this particular shade.
1. The hydra-gel core is composed of three expert oils among the shiniest used in cosmetics.
2. The Sensorial oil delivers unprecedented fluidity and glide for a new generation of voluptuousness
3. The Comfort oil improves moisturization of the lips, while the Shield oil ensures the color will adhere and last
4. Applied with surprising ease, its glide-on texture blends seamlessly with the lips. The hydra-gel core melds with the color to give the instant effect of a lipstick plus top coat.

Price- $35

Product description-
Packaging- All high-end lipsticks have chic packaging, and so does this one. It comes in a shiny silver packaging with the brand name engraved on the tube itself.The packaging nowhere reflects the color of the lipstick, but the shade number is mentioned on the bottom side.
Pigmentation- This lipstick is not very pigmented. One swipe isn’t enough to cover the discoloration of the lips. The color isn’t completely opaque, and is great for everyday use
Shade- This shade is very mild coral shade for warm undertones. It looks great on fair to medium skin tones.Picking up a lipstick from the Dior Collection was more of a fanciful whim and had nothing to do with the actual shade I had picked; I am pretty happy with it anyway.
Texture – This lipstick has amazing texture, so creamy and soft. It’s very hydrating and moisturizing and feels light on your lips. It feels more like a lip balm.

My experience with the product-
The packaging is unique and it took me a few seconds to figure out how to open it. Overall, the packaging is travel-friendly.Its a soft coral color with warm undertone and natural sheen. This particular shade has no glitters, and gives a semi-sheer finish. It glides on smoothly like a lip balm , giving enough moisture to my dry lips, but it takes two strokes to make the color look amazing and lustrous. One thing I don’t like about this lipstick is that it comes off easily on coffee mugs or glasses and stays for not more than 3 hours, without any meals. I hope you can imagine that it won’t survive a single meal. It just keeps my lips hydrated throughout the day. So, you can’t call it a busted flush. I also use it as a top coat over a matte lipstick, as some of the matte lipsticks tend to make the lips dry. It doesn’t make it look chapped, or does not form residues in the creases.

Luxury packaging, easy to carry
Comfortable to wear, provides nourishment to the lips
Can be used as a top coat
Beautiful color for day as well as evening use
Doesn’t settle in the lip lines

Fragrance free
Tranfers upon eating
Moderately lasting


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