SALVATORE FERRAGAMO  Signorina Misteriosa Eau De Perfume

I noticed this black beauty while I was whiling away the time at the shopping mall. I felt the urge to try this new launch by Salvatore Ferragamo, which is a luxury Italian brand for shoes, bags, eyewear, silk accessories, watches, perfumes and a ready-to-wear clothing line. Previously, I’ve used  Signorina EDP and which is more of a floral fragrance and Incanto Bloom By Salvatore Ferragamo, which is again a potent floral fragrance.I loved them both for their lasting power.Let’s see how this one fared for me.


  • Fragrance Family: Fresh
  • The Opening is Fresh and Bitter with Flavors of Wild Blackberries and Neroli
  • Orange Blossom and Sensual Tuberose Contribute to the Oriental – Fruity Character of the Scent
  • Patchouli Gives a Sophisticated Touch, While Black Vanilla Mousse Marks the Base


Price-$87 for 50 ml.





The packaging is exactly what you expect from a luxury fragrance. FERRAGAMO Signorina comes in a pink colored similar looking bottle. The black glass bottle is sturdy and is a beauty in itself. The neck enhances the beauty of the packaging with the knot tied with two loops and two loose ends. I would definitely fall in the category of people that would buy a luxury fragrance more for its packaging.

Fragrance- It is a very feminine fragrance and is ideal for nights considering the strong appeal. Women with sensitive noses will find it a bit too overwhelming.

Lasting power– This projects well with two spritzes around my neck and two each on my wrists, leaving strong notes of blackberries for about 8 hours.

 My experience with the product-

Talking about the packaging, Signorina Misteriosa arrives in a black lacquer square bottle with gold accents and a little bow that runs the length of the top.  Bows make everything look pretty instantly.It is more of a night-time scent As it dries down, the smell gets better and remains quite strong. I don’t know why,  but the fragrance makes me feel like I’m sitting in a hookah lounge ( :P). But yes, I’m serious about the resemblance of the fragrance with flavored hookahs.  It is definitely a little heavy on the fruity notes, especially blackberries. Using this only at the pulse points is sufficient to make you smell good for the rest of the day.


  • Royal packaging
  • Extremely good lasting power , nearly 8 hours
  • Pleasant blueberry fragrance
  • Since only a few sprays are required, a bottle will last you a long time
  • Perfect for date night and special occasions



  • Not recommended for day wear
  • Might bother sensitive nose
  • Expensive

MVR Rating-9/10


May be not because this is going to last me a long time and I want to try as many different perfumes as I can in this lifetime. I would recommend this if you are drawn to strong,  fruity and sophisticated scents.




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