Liquid Lipstick Mistakes To Avoid

A Lipstick is easily the most important item to have in your makeup vanity and liquid lipsticks are definitely the trend of the moment. Most of the liquid matte lipsticks tend to make your lips dry. If you’re determined to keep your lip color locked down for the entire day – through all your meal and snack breaks and coffee sips, follow the tips below

1. Applying the lipstick directly on dry lips-


Applying liquid lipstick on bare lips will enhance the dryness of your lips. It is always better to prep your lips first with a lip primer. A Lip primer is a must-have for those who have to look groomed all day long.Apply a lip primer all over lips prior to lip pencil, lipstick, and gloss. It helps to create the perfect canvas for liquid matte. Moisturising the lips is imperative to retain long-term color and prevent feathering. If you have extremely chapped lips, it is better to use a lip balm, then lightly blotting it, then using this prime. Two of the lip primers as per my experience, that help in gripping your lip color are- TOO FACED LIP INSURANCE LIP PRIMER, COLOURPOP LIPPIE PRIMER.


2. Skipping Lip Liner-

A lip liner underneath your lipstick gives you nicely defined outline. A lip liner helps any lipstick to go on smoothly and not budge outside of the designated line lip liners are important not only to give shape to your lips but also to keep your lipstick in place for long and prevent them from bleeding. Look for a liner which is pretty good in terms of texture as it is neither too creamy nor too hard, that tugs or pulls your lips.Instead of buying lip liners of all the shades, it is always better to invest in a good quality nude lip liner that suits your skin tone.

3.Applying too much of the product at once

Applying too much of foundation makes your face look cakey and same goes for too much lipstick and of course, you would never want to enter your workplace or a party with flakes and cracks on your lips. To avoid this, make sure you exfoliate your pout regularly with a lip scrub and apply single coat of your liquid matte lipstick. Also, keep them hydrated by applying a lip balm or vaseline daily, especially at night.



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