Best Makeup Vloggers To Follow


The big digital space is full of the talented pool.Youtube is all in one place where you can take lessons to brush up your skills in your area of interest. If your area of interest is makeup and  you want to know about beauty and makeup trends that are all the rage or about newly launched products that are trending this season, then you must follow beauty vloggers. The makeup bloggers, as well as vloggers, blaze a trail for learners to follow, with their own unique style. I’m just compiling a small list of beauty vloggers ho have managed to create meaningful space in the makeup industry. I personally follow and admire all of them.


Jasmine Hand is an Australian MUA and Vlogger with 432K followers on Youtube. In her videos, you will not really find product reviews because she mostly talks about eye-makeup techniques from Matte Eyes to Cranberry Smoky Eyes.Her youtube channel has a number of wedding makeup tutorials.Although she has amazingly flawless fair skin, the techniques are worth a watch for all makeup beginners.

Malvika Siltani (YOUTUBE CHANNEL)


Malvika Sitlani is another comely diva from Indian Modeling Industry, who talks about beauty and makeup tips on all her social media channels. She has more than 60k followers on her youtube channel. Her face looks naturally dewy in all her videos. Her channel is full of informative stuff about the product reviews, usually drugstore and affordable products. I’m sure you’d all love her channel.



If you’re an aspiring artist or a trained professional, Nikkia Joy is yet another sought-after vlogger from Australia with whopping 512k followers. Her youtube channel is updated with a new video every Thursday, with most genuine reviews. What makes her stand apart from others is her facial expressions (Just look at the pictures :P) and her smooth tongue that keeps you engaged. If you follow her on social media, you will surely be updated with the newest drugstore and luxury beauty products. For me, she tops the list.

Sona Gasparian (YOUTUBE CHANNEL )


Being round-faced, she keeps trying new contouring techniques. Also, she uses minimal makeup and encourages her followers to keep it very subtle and natural. If you wonder this new product is a “hit or a miss”, then you must follow her for genuine reviews in order to avoid splurging on expensive worthless products. With 723K followers, you will find pretty much everything in her vlog around skin, hair and fashion tips.




Okay so if you have never seen a guy doing makeup, this is something relatively new for you.Again, his youtube channel is full of makeup and beauty tips and trends. He bucks the trend and wants men to enjoy makeup. He always keeps to learn and teach innovative techniques. In his videos, you will usually find Kim Kardashian inspired looks and smokey eye tutorials which are followed by almost 2.9M subscribers. 

So these are a few polished vloggers that I personally follow and of course they have helped me beef up my makeup skills. Comment below and tell me if you’ve been following any beauty vlogger?


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