Best Glitter Eyeshadow Palettes

There’s no harm in laying your hands on amazing makeup products, especially eye shadow palettes, as they last very long. To achieve “makeup that is so on-point” look, your eye -makeup game should be perfect. If eye shadows are applied correctly, they add depth and dimension to the eyes. It is important to invest in high-quality products and brushes. So in this post, I’ll give you a little run down of the brands who have  “leveled up” their eye shadow game by designing high-quality glitter palettes.These shadow palettes are incredibly pigmented and allow you to create a wide range of looks.

Quick tips to apply glitter shadows-

To intensify the metallic sheen of these shadows,

  • use a good primer before you go in with the eye shadow
  • use your finger directly on the shadow and swipe the shade on to your eyelids
  • apply your favorite glitter glue onto the eyelids and then dab the glitter on the base shadow
  • spray your flat eye shadow Brush with a fixer/ makeup setting spray before dipping into your desired shade.


Too Faced Glitter Bomb Palette 



This palette was launched in 2017 and is a much-hyped product in international market. The palette has 8 sparkling eye-catching shades.The shades appear to be subtle. There are 2 base shades on the sides, white and black each.The white and black matte bases will help to brighten or intensify the glitters. The packaging is exquisite and the shadows are nicely textured and pigmented

Price– $45

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette

This palette arrives in a metallic glam packaging, which is unlike conventional flip-open packaging. All bright shades are packed on one side and neutrals on the other and give gleaming, metallic finish The shadows have a foiled effect, meaning that when you pat them on with a finger or brush, they’re super shiny — not glossy. This one is limited-edition so order asap before they are stocked out.

Price– $55

ColourPop Golden State Of Mind Pressed Powder Shadow Palette


This 15 pan palette features the most glittery and metallic Pressed Powder Shadows from ColourPop. The palette is reasonably priced compared to the other high-end glitter shadow palettes.  applying them just a finger as pigmentation is better with a finger than a brush. Jazz up your eyes.The palette is reasonably priced compared to the other high-end glitter shadows. I don’t really know what to expect from this palette as I can see mixed reviews around this product. A lot of women have fallout complaints when I read the reviews on different blogs while other swear by the quality. Another drawback of this palette is that there are no dark colors, most of them are pinks, silvers, and  neutrals

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow Palette

BH Cosmetics has an amazing yet affordable range of eyeshadow palettes.  This palette has 18 pigmented shades which would all skin tone. This is a very versatile palette which can be used for multiple occasions. Although,  the colors are repetitive and I think maybe other colors could have been represented rather than duplicates of the same colors.

Price- $15.99

Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

If you’re like me and follow hundreds of Instagram makeup artists, you must have heard about Fenty Beauty by Rihanna which was launched this year. Fenty Beauty’s launch was a massive success on all counts. The Galaxy Collection features three iridescent and holographic lip glosses, three metallic-to-glitter liquid eyeliners, four twist-up lipsticks, a new eyeshadow brush, and a palette with 14 sparkly eyeshadows for a  fan of all shimmer/glitter palettes. The  Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette is again a Limited Edition Palette. It has 14 shades which are used as  ‘top coats’ but you can build them. The colors are not repetitive and almost all the shades are unique, so, you can these glimmering shades to create different looks.

Price- $59

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eyeshadow Palette 

This palette has 4 matte shades and 12 shimmer shades. All shadows feature a soft, velvety texture with one-swipe, full-coverage payoff.  A few too faced products have a delicious chocolate scent and this palette too is infused with skin-loving cocoa powder for a decadent chocolate scent. This palette has several colors that you could use to create a more subtle look as well as some really bold colors that you can make a more evening look with. All in all, it’s a great buy for makeup lovers.

Price- $49

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette-

If there’s one thing Urban Decay does well, it’s palettes. It has 8 shades which are dazzlingly sparkly, but with a super-refined, incredibly sophisticated feel—and no chunky glitter. It is not a stand-alone palette and is best for finishing touch when wearing something that needs a pop of highlight/sparkle in the center of my the lids. Fingers apply the best for maximum effect!

Price- $49

Hope you found the post  informative and try at least one of them the next time you are looking out for an eye shadow palette.Also, don’t forget to share your reviews about the same 🙂


  1. Okay so if you were forced to choose a high-end eyeshadow pallet and an affordable pallet which 2 would they be?! I’m in the market for some beautiful glitter shadows!
    Wishing you all the glittery eyeshadows & makeup,


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