Listen up, Makeup Lovers! Sephora online store in India launched by NNNOW


About NNNOW-

Arvind Internet Limited, established in 2013, is an exciting hybrid start-up of tech and fashion, made in India with an HQ in Bangalore and a creative division in Mumbai. The company kicked off with custom clothing platform Creyate in 2014, and launched the omnichannel retail platform NNNOW in 2016.

From makeup brushes to perfumes to skin care products, there is no dearth of makeup and beauty products in Sephora stores. Sephora has a very limited number of stores in India, mostly in metropolitan cities. We all women have those days when we’re feeling lazy and when it comes to makeup shopping, there are a very limited number of online stores dealing exclusively in makeup and beauty products. Sephora India has a limited number of brands compared to the stores abroad. However, a few brands like Smashbox, Becca, Glamglow, which are quite pricey,  have established their niche in India.

Click here to visit online store

The only thing that would bother us is “Whether Sephora will sell all the brands available in its online International store or just limited brands it sells in Indian Outlets?”

Well for your convenience, I’ve done a thorough research and compared both the websites. So let’s see what would be the pros and cons of having this online store.

All products from SEPHORA COLLECTION available 

Gone are those days when I would beg my friends to bring Sephora products from US Stores as most of the items were unavailable in India. All the shades of Sephora Colour Lip Last, Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick, Sephora Cream Lip Stain are available online. Other products like- primer, foundation, face masks, eyeliner, kohl, cleanser, shower gel and body cream are all available on the website.

No Travel Size Kits/ Gift Sets

Sephora US online store is full of limited edition gift sets from various brands. The travel size kits allow makeup lovers to test various samples before buying a full-size product. However, we don’t have this opportunity as there are no value sets available on Sephora Online Store.

No Huda Beauty/ Anastasia Beverly Hills/ Urban Decay/ Fenty Beauty 

The names itself need no introduction as these are most talked, used & trusted Makeup Brands.The range of royal makeup brands are listed above, enough to match the queenly demands for a majestic look

Becca, Estee Launder, Benefit Cosmetics, Cover Fx, Clinique, Givenchy available to all 

For the love of quality, the price never matters, and these great brands are perfect for ‘quality over price’ lover kinds ladies. These high-end brands are now available to all Indian women who have no access to offline stores.

No items on Sale 

Sephora US Website has a permanent tab of SALE, where it offers major discounts on high-end brands including Urban Decay,  Bobby Brown, Benefit Cosmetics, Lancome, and others Click here to see sale items  .Unfortunately, Indian website has no tab of sale.

Bath & Body Collection -Limited to two brands 

The online Indian Sephora has only two brands- Sephora Collection and Forrest Essentials, that too with limited options. There is no sign of brands like L’Occitane, Kiehl’s or Philosophy.

Undoubtedly, Sephora is the best cosmetic store we want to discover new cosmetics or need any beauty tips. However, the options are limited to a few brands and items in India.Hope, the online and offline stores will come up with more collection!

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