LetsShave Soft Touch Razor Review

Women only rely on razor when they don’t have time to get waxed. That’s because most of us have this standpoint that razors are harsh on the skin and don’t give neat end result.A lot of women undergo have also undergone laser hair removal to get rid of facial and body hair permanently and of course to avoid the pain that we bear while waxing or plucking. Nevertheless, the side effects of undergoing laser treatment are numerous including burning of the skin, permanent scars, hyperpigmentation, swelling, redness and more. So who would want to give up the natural beauty considering these common side effects of laser treatment?

So, in this post is a website https://www.letsshave.com/home  that provides razors that deliver the closest shave, the softest skin, and zero irritation.

About the brand

People in India never had a choice. Either they had overpriced-razors in the monopolized market or cheap razors which cut their faces. We are here to fill in the gap and excited to see LetsShave.com expand from Razor Blades to one-stop grooming solution for both men and women brand manufactures its own products and the company has created a history by making World’s first 6-Blade razor with trimmer Pace 6 Plus and Place XL Pro. The company also manufactures face razors, which I would love to try. The website provides free delivery within India




  • The women’s 4-blades razor with pivot head and a moisturizing band is specially designed for the curves of women.
  • Get radiant and hair free smooth skin instantly.

The pack contains-

  1. Shaving foam that contains natural ingredients like coconut oil, that hydrate and refreshes your skin ensuring a close and comfortable shave.
  2. One Disposable Razor
  3. One Reusable Razor with specially designed ergonomic handle for a woman’s grip and control both in the shower and outside for a comfortable.
  4. Blade Refills

Quick tips to use razors on the body-

  • Hop into the hot shower and hydrate your hair
  • Use considerable amount of shaving foam 
  • Always rinse your razor before and after shaving
  • When you are done shaving use rich moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and smooth


My experience with Soft Touch Razor 

Let me first talk about the Dr. Barber’s Shaving Foam, which is ultra creamy foam and suits my sensitive skin type. I dampen my skin with water and gently apply this foam. It makes shaving hassle-free, with easy to use pump dispenser. The delicious scent makes the shaving ritual more enjoyable, with no nicks and cuts. These razors are extremely smooth with the moisturizing band that protects your skin and provides a comfortable experience and soft touch to your skin.   I don’t feel the need to go the same area twice because the razor blade is sharp. It is beautifully designed to remove unwanted hair growth on the entire body, including sensitive areas.I realized after using this that it really does prevent the much-dreaded razor burns we get from shaving. I actually love how it was able to prevent my skin from becoming dry while shaving because of the razor going against the skin Perfect razor for women!

MVR Rating- 10/10




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