Makeup Revolution Blush Palette Hot Spice Review

Makeup Revolution is a UK based brand. It is a drugstore brand with many good products but some products are not up to the mark. They have many products ranging from face and eye palettes to lip kits. They have such a versatile range of products that it’s difficult to choose from. They have a range of face palettes which different shade ranges to different finishes.

Here we are reviewing “Makeup Revolution Blush Palette  Hot Spice”

Product Description-

  • Our ULTRA Blush & Contour palette is perfect for the professional application desired by all of us.
  • Perfect for highlighting and contouring too.
  • Professional and highly pigmented, yet easy to blend, these contain 8 shades consisting of shimmer and matte blushers, merged baked blusher, and merged baked highlighter powder.
  • The ULTIMATE blush palette offering you 8 shades in 1 to suit any occasion!
    8 exclusive and unique shades in each palette can be either used individually or combined to create the shade that you want.
  • With a selection of matte and shimmers, merged and highlighting powder in each palette and set in a mirrored compact for touch-ups on the go.
  • Available in 2 palettes – 8 unique shades in each
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Gluten Free


Price: This palette retails for INR 1350

Packaging: This palette does not have any outer cardboard packaging or packaging of any sort. The palette has plastic packaging which is quite decent and of good quality.

Texture: The textures of the blushes are very good. They are powder blushes, not cream blushes. It has a smooth and buttery texture which is blends really well, has a long-lasting formula and is pigmented. The pigmentation can be built up according to the look. Thus the palette can be used for both heavy and light makeup looks. The powders are not very dusty but have a bit of a fallout. The palette can be used for eyeshadows too.


Shade Range & Pigmentation: The palette has peachy shades in it. It consists of 2 highlighting shades which give a subtle highlight but not a blinding one. The shades help create a bronzy look i.e. a neutral and grounded one. Although there are 3 similar shades in a palette which when built up gives different colors. The pigmentation of the blushes is good and opaque. The palette consists of one orange shimmery shade with glitter particles in it. Other five shades are in matte finish.

Here are the swatches of the palette-



Overall it is a nice palette especially for beginners and an affordable one too. The negative of this product is that there’s a bit of fallout but for the price, that drawback can be neglected.

MVR Rating: 7.5/10



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