E.L.F Cosmetics Mini Haul

E.L.F is one of the most budget-friendly brands in the USA. Nothing makes a makeup geek happier than saving money while buying some new makeup. E.L.F Cosmetics beauty products are not available in India, but if you purchase it from the USA, you can collate your entire makeup collection in less than the price you’d pay for one high-end foundation.

So in this article, I’ll be giving my honest opinion for my recent ELF Cosmetics haul.


This Illuminating Face Primer preps your skin with a radiant glow with a soft, golden luminescence. The primer transforms your face into a flawless, smooth canvas ideal for long-lasting makeup application.

Apply to clean skin prior to makeup application to prep skin. Use a small amount and blend evenly on your face.

Price-Large for $10

Packaging– This primer arrives in a glass bottle, with a pump dispenser that brings out the required quantity of the primer.

elf p.jpg

Texture – This primer has a very soft and creamy texture. It comes out in a form thick yellow lotion, which is infused with golden glitters. This primer gives a very smooth canvas for your foundation.

Overall Experience- When I had applied this primer for the first time, I felt as if I had applied a golden highlighter all over the face. The glitter particles were gleaming all around the face. The primer is easy to blend and provides a super smooth base for the foundation. I topped it with my NARS Foundation. It certainly made the blending effort free.  It keeps makeup intact and is perfect for oily and sensitive skin. The only drawback of this primer is that it’s not appropriate for daily use because the golden glitter particles shine through the foundation. The professional artists will love it for sure.

MVR Rating-6/10


ELF Blush is available in six shades. This blush adds a radiant, healthy glow to any makeup look. Available in a variety of complexion-enhancing colors, the pigmented formulas create a sheer, natural look for everyday wear.

Price – $3

Packaging- This blush arrives in a matte black rectangular compact. It’s a lightweight pan, very convenient to carry around. It has a small mirror but no brush inside.

elf b.jpg

Shade- The shade is light pink, suitable for only fair skin. It gives natural pink cheeks and blends gracefully.

Overall Experience– The texture of this blush is smooth and blends with ease. The shade is pigmented and suits everyday makeup needs. This is a bit cool toned pink but looks okay with warm skin tone too. It is way too light to be visible on medium or dark skin tones. It has no visible shimmers and appears matte finish. It lasts approx. 3 hours on me, hopefully, last better over a cream blush. It is very affordable and perfect for everyday use.

MVR Rating-7/10


The sheer soft powders in this 4-in-1 bronzer compact are super easy to blend while providing buildable coverage. Achieve the perfect even complexion with every use.

This one is offered in 3 shades, Golden Bronzer is particularly for warm undertones.

Price- $4

Packaging- This one again, arrives in a matte black rectangular compact, it appears to be very pigmented but isn’t dark as expected.

elf golden.jpg

Overall Experience-

This is my first bronzer which isn’t a matte finish. It works as a highlighter as well as a bronzer, so you need not carry your highlighter separately. If you pick the lightest shade with a small highlighting brush and apply it on the high points, it will give the exact glow of the highlighter. When applied with a large contour brush, it gives sun-kissed glow with a hint of highlighting effect. It blends with ease, but is not very pigmented and will not suit medium to dark skin tones. If you want it to last longer then use it over cream/liquid bronzer.

MVR Rating- 7/10




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