Forget MINISO, Korean brand XIMIVOGUE enters Delhi-NCR with its first outlet in Faridabad

Soon after Japanese brands Miniso and Muji expanded their business in India,  Korea based designer brand XIMIVOGUE has joined the fray. This Korean retail brand is on an overdrive in India after launching the first ever store in Delhi- NCR.  Already having more than 1400 stores within 2 years, the brand opened a new outlet in the market area of Sector-15, Faridabad on 22nd September 2018.

XIMIVOGUE is already drawing all kinds of shoppers including teenagers, home-makers, students and working women. Looking at the demographics, the location seems like a good choice. Their cute yet low-cost products have already caused quite a stir in the local area.

At the outset, the brand sells a wide range of affordable assorted goods under one roof. The products, which are ostentatiously displayed on wooden shelves and bright lights will suffice your everyday needs.

The Indian sectors are booming and welcoming Korean products. While India has seen growing market of Korean skincare and makeup brands like Innisfree, The Face Shop and others,  XIMIVOGUE sets a new standard in the fashion industry by offering exciting products to the consumers, which are inspired by Korean fashion culture.

“Already having an assortment for 10000 products, the brand launches more than 600 new products every month. Also, the store keeps changing the collection every 15 days”,  owners told. The items range from INR 75- INR 1500.

The offerings include

  • Household products
  • Jewelry items
  • Women bags and purses
  • Beauty Products
  • Stationery items
  • Electronic items
  • Seasonal products

Ximi Vogue is giving us all yet another chance to snag good deals at a cut-price chain retailer.

cup 1

Daily use products like glass bottles, plastic bottles, ceramic mugs, vacuum bottles, simple flasks, cute storage containers are priced between INR 150- 400, cheaper compared to Miniso.




The brand is selling everything from pastel-hued electronic supplies to pastel-hued handbags, most items starting from Rs. 150, and nothing—not even electronics—priced over Rs. 1500.

Although the brand doesn’t cater to textile, the outlet has cutely packed bath towel, hand towels,  bath towels, triangular aprons, comfortable seamless briefs for women.




The stationery section is well-stocked with all kinds of pens, pencils, markers, decorative tapes, notepads, memos, stickers, and folders. The store is small but packed with goods, so customers can always find what they need quickly.


The pens are usually on discount, Rs.150 for 3, which isn’t a bad deal at all.  Crystal stickers are only Rs.75 per piece. School going kids will certainly be tempted by printed tapes, cartoon themed pens, and colorful diaries.


Its super cute bag range includes items like coin pouches, bottles, clutches, wallets, college bags, cross body bags and backpacks. Most of these items are in pastel shades and start from INR 150.



Apart from bags, XIMIVOGUE also caters to all sort of women fashion accessories like slippers, trendy sunglasses, scarves,  hair ties, earrings,  hairpins, decorated and printed hair bands. The pricing is lesser than what you get in malls and big brands.

acs 1.jpg

acs 2.jpg

Well, last but not the least, XIMIVOGUE  has a line of beauty and makeup accessories, although no skin care or makeup products. Makeup enthusiasts like me will be eager to try false lashes, makeup brushes, beauty blenders, makeup removing cotton pads just to name a few.


xim 2.jpg


xim 1.jpg

We are certainly glad to see XIMIVOGUE in Faridabad. As an avid shopper myself, I understand that all shoppers want a blend of high quality and low cost, rather than low cost and low quality.

MINISO stocks around 4,000 products and people totally love their stuff. On the other hand, XIMIVOGUE has more than 10000 items and is already gaining popularity in India. It is undoubtedly a great brand. The competition will be fierce when XIMIVOGUE will come up with more outlets. Nevertheless, the brand will have to keep up with consumer expectation for value at a competitive price to be a huge success.



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