MINISO is the promoter of global “intelligent consumer products”. Sticking to the life philosophy of “simplicity, nature and good quality” and the brand proposition of “returning to nature”, MINISO gains popularity among consumers with its core brand edges of updating products every seven days, pricing at a low level, and targeting at intelligent consumer product chains. Today I will be reviewing some of the new products I discovered at Miniso India.  Coming to the price point, all the beauty and makeup products are very much affordable and well within one’s budget. Quantity is also reasonable and will last really long. Most of the MINISO products are priced between Rs. 150 & Rs.450 only.

 I was rather dubious to buy any MINISO beauty products for my face as my skin is very sensitive. Nevertheless, I took a chance and bought a few products. We all know that MINISO products are hard to resist because of their extremely cute and adorable packaging. So here are some of the products that we require for everyday use.


This facial foam or face wash comes in the form of a cute white tube. The tube is quite heavy to carry around. This comes out in the form of white rich thick gel and lathers up well. A drop is sufficient to cover up the whole face. It suits sensitive and acne prone skin. Gel-based face washes feel quite gentle on the skin and don’t rip off the moisture. It has mild fragrance that does not linger around after you have washed your face. So, I’m sure it will not be a concern for people with sensitive noses too. It is a simple face cleanser that will remove all dullness and will reveal clearer skin, perfect for everyday use!!

Price- Rs.250


These cotton pads are rectangular shaped, unlike usually rounded cotton pads. They are super soft on the skin and convenient to use for makeup removal. These are ideal for sensitive skin and help in removing eye-makeup gently.  I like using these cotton pads for applying my toner. Whether you apply your micellar water, cleanser or any toner, Cotton pads are simply the most hygienic method for applying skin-care products. Always make sure that the product is completely soaked in the pads as the sensitive skin might have allergic reactions. These cotton pads are affordable and extremely soft to use. I was lured to buy MINISO Cotton Pads because of the quantity and of course the cute pinky white color.

Price- Rs.150 for 180 pads


This travel-friendly foam is again for sensitive skin, the texture is extremely smooth and light-weight. This foam removes extra oil and makeup residue. While it is great for bare skin, I would recommend using a makeup remover prior to using the foam as it is the not the best in removing makeup. It removes extra oil, however, it might not be very suitable for dry skin. 

Price- Rs. 250


I had never discovered the benefits of using facial tissues until I used Miniso facial tissues. These facial tissues are highly absorbent to quickly dry your skin and it is quite handy to quickly mop up the sweat of your face.  The packet for 6 lasts for about 2 months. Every time I wash my face, I mop it with these face tissues, which are extremely smooth on the face, better than towels.

Price - Rs.190 for pack of 6 


The brush looks expensive, well made and the bristles are super soft. The bristles are black and white in color and made up of premium nylon. The shape is like common angled contour brushes. Till now the brush has not shed any of the bristles.
Because of its pointed shape, we can use it to add depth to the hollows of our cheeks and give a more chiseled appearance to the face.  It can also be used to apply blush, loose powder or compact powder under eyes or around the mouth. It picks up the right amount of product and diffuses them well. I do recommend it to readers because it is affordable and versatile.

Price- Rs.150

Overall, I can Miniso beauty products are definitely safe for the skin. I would definitely purchase more Miniso makeup and beauty products.  The only problem is that Minso Online purchase option is not yet available for the customers, so you need to look for  the nearby stores. 


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