MINISO Rose Nourishing Concealing BB Cream Review

BB cream stands for “Blemish Balm” or “Beauty Balm”. The main purpose of BB cream is to even out the skin tone and correct the blemishes. It conceals imperfections better than any of the tinted moisturizers available in the market. In terms of consistency, BB cream is heavier than a tinted moisturizer but lighter than any foundation. It also acts as a canvas for your makeup, therefore can be used as a primer too.

Every BB cream is formulated to provide hydration and nourishment to the skin while protecting it from environmental damage. However, do not expect BB Creams to provide full coverage as they do not conceal deep and dark scars or spots.

About Miniso Rose Nourishing Concealing BB Cream-

1. Moisturizing BB cream that smoothly soaks into skin and helps to apply natural make-up.
2. Immediately delivers moisture and forms a protective layer on your skin, so it does not feel dry.


Packaging– Miniso BB cream arrives in a cute pink tube with broad off white screw cap. The packaging is opaque and you can’t see how much product is left . The paper box has all the information printed over it. It is a very simple and basic packaging but is totally easy to carry around.

Shade– Miniso BB cream is available only in three shades. The shade I’m using on me is 02 Natural, which seems a little lighter for my skin tone. So, I can say the darkest shade would suit my fair skin. Which again means that there are no shades available for medium to dark skin tones.

Texture– The texture of Miniso Rose Nourishing Concealing BB Cream is thick, one drop enough to cover the entire face. It doesn’t feel heavy on the face, gives a very soft feel to the face, like usual face cream. It is neither oily nor dry in texture, suitable for all skin types. There is no need for powder to set it.

Overall experience– The shade leaves a white cast to my face, which settles down into my skin in 5-10 minutes. It sets to a matte finish, but with time it makes my face glowy. I need to be very careful with application as it takes time to blend, it’s a decent BB Cream suitable for daily use and gives you clean, natural look for about 6 hours. It covers acne marks, but with medium coverage, it keeps the skin soft and fresh, suits my combination and sensitive skin. The only problem is that the shade is one shade lighter than my skin tone, and there are no shades for darker skin tones.


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