Brand Manufacturing Natural Soap Bars- MITTI

As an Indian Beauty Blogger, I really like to try and write about brands that are born in India. No matter how much we love renowned and expensive brands, we shouldn’t overlook the homegrown brands that are using all natural and herbal ingredients that are far more conditioning to your skin.

About MITTI-

“Mitti” is a Natural and Organic Handcrafted Soap manufacturing company based in Mumbai that started with an idea to provide chemical free/pure organic soaps. “We make varieties of soaps with 100% pure ingredients and totally chemical free.We provide soaps in bulk every month to many retail outlets and budget hotels and restaurants” says the owner of the brand Ms. Palak Yadav.

Client Base-

The Company is currently providing soaps in bulk every month to many retail outlets and budget hotels and restaurants.

How To Buy-

Since the brand was established in August 2019, they are currently selling the product directly through their Instagram page. The delivery takes not more than 4-5 days.

The handcrafted soaps in a multitude of appealing shapes, sizes and designs will awaken the child in you. The offerings include Neem Soap, Chandan Soap, Tomato Soap, Besan Haldi Soap, Toy Soaps, Donut Soap , Charcoal Soap which range from Rs.55- Rs. 65 only. I personally feel that the brand is having an edge over the other brands because of the affordable price range.

When I received my package from Mitti, I was thrilled to see Wine Soap and the cute little Toy Soap . Also the Cupcake Soap exudes a dessert-like aroma that lulls into believing that are you actually dousing yourself in a cupcake. Fresh Soaps like Neem, Lemon and Mint Soap have a shelf life of 15 days. I received lemon soap which actually feels like real lemon. The fragrance is so refreshing.

More than just soaps- Their line of all-natural products run from bath salts to lip scrubs which are again totally chemical free. You can also get customized gift hamper which would even cost cheaper and I’m sure anyone would be hooked to receive these products as a gift.

With a knack for making organic products, the Founder Palak Yadav with husband Mr.Paras Yadav as Co-Founder use organic powders and leaves to turn them into cute designer soaps. Give a shot to any of their natural cupcake or toy soaps which are extremely creamy and soft to use.

Mitti products are 100% vegetarian and contains no parabens or petrochemicals. For those who love pampering their skin the natural way, Mitti is a treat for them.

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