Hairstyle Trends 2019

Guest Post by Reshu Manglik

2019 is about to get over and we’re already getting nostalgic about all that happened this year. This year has been no short of fashion inspiration be it in terms of sartorial styles or makeup trends. While we will discuss the above mentioned later, let’s talk about something that has hogged most of the headlines in terms of celebrity fashion; hairstyle trends of 2019.

Right from Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma, Bollywood actresses were in no mood to keep their fashion statement in check. The leading ladies of B-Town who were known for their bold film choices are now making daring decisions in terms of their hairstyles.

While Anushka Sharma was the first to start the trend of Lob, Deepika Padukone followed suit. Similarly, Emilia Clarke and Joey King of the West looked happy and cheerful in their new hairstyles. Selena Gomez is also flaunting her new hairstyle on Instagram.

So, let’s talk about hairstyles that were newer, bolder and better versions of conventional long hair this year.

Best Hairstyle Trends of 2019

Modern Shag

It looks like the good old 90s are back for better. The Shag haircut which made people go bananas back then is here to stay, However, its 2.0 version has returned with a twist. The modern take of this haircut includes medium-length of hair with a heavy amount of layers. This haircut also includes full-bangs so make sure that bang goes well with your face cut before zeroing down on this one.

Lob with Highlights

What can be a bigger double-whammy than this haircut? Cut your long flowing mane short and add some hues in contrast. This hairstyle is not only popular in 2019, it will continue to be in trend for a few years to come. Lob is long enough to be tied up and short enough to not bother you. A few highlights add the charm to this funky hairstyle. And the best part is; it blends well with both modern and ethnic outfits.

The 90s Blunt Bob

Want to cut your hair short but don’t want to go overboard? This haircut is a major resurgence in the hairstyle fashion. It has also dominated most of the haircuts in 2019. It includes a one-length,clean hairstyle with no layering. You can, however, add some highlights or jazzyglobal colour to tweak it a bit. If you have too thick hair, then ask yourstylist to remove some layers to keep it manageable.

Long Layered

Long hairstyles always revolved around layers.This year, it has been seen quite in trend. However, the trend this year has tweaked it a bit. Back in the 90s, the layers were heavy but now it includes lighter and barely-noticeable layers. If you have dense hair, this can be your savior. It not only makes your hair manageable but also highlights your jawline.


Channel your inner pop star with this super-flashy haircut. Cut your hair short as much as you can imagine. It is a structured boy cut which is surprisingly flattering. It goes well on girl shaving a cute baby face with prominent jawline and cheekbones. Keep the hair around your locks a little below your ear. You can colour and experiment as much as you want as you wouldn’t have to worry about the damage and hair fall. Save these hairstyles in your bookmarks list for your next salon appointment. Go unconventional with your haircut and be ahead of the trends. Pretty soon, you will be the center of all the group gossips of your girl gang.

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