Why Using Women’s Razor Is Better Than Waxing?

We all have been facing the pain and discomfort of waxing, yet most of us resort to this method for hair removal because of myths we hear about using razor on face and body. I have been shaving my body with a razor for about 2 years now and I can say that my skin is equally soft, radiant and smooth as before. Really, a good body razor should be a part of your self-care routine now. Here are a number of reasons for the same.

Painless method of hair removal

While there are a lot of girls who can endure the pain of waxing but most of us want a painless alternative. Initially I felt I had low pain tolerance, but over the years I observed that waxing was been equally painful every time and felt more like a punishment every month.

Less time-consuming

Waxing requires planning, one needs to schedule this time-consuming session which becomes a little difficult when there is an important event or party to attend. Razor is much more convenient way of hair removal in case of emergencies. It hardly takes 5-7 minutes and of course it’s not messy. You simply need to exfoliate your skin before shaving and follow up with a moisturizer post shaving.


Single section of waxing costs about a 1000 bucks easily. You can cut down this monthly expense and invest in a good razor instead. A refillable razor will cost around 500 bucks and will easily last for months.

Doesn’t make your hair hard

The most common myth is that shaving leads to harsh and thorny hair. Shaving doesn’t improve or impair the hair quality if you know the correct method of using the razor.

No redness or irritation-

A good quality razor will never lead to any sort of irritation even on the sensitive skin. Make sure you shave towards the direction of the hair growth. Also, keep the blade clean and germ free to avoid any sort of infection.


  1. I definitely prefer shaving, I don’t deal well with pain but sometimes I wax before going on holiday so I don’t have to worry there


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