Do More Always Essential Fit Skin Combo Review

Great skin is not just about healthy diet but also our daily skincare routine. From face wash to sunscreen, every product should be as per the skin type. While a suitable face wash removes the impurities from your skin without stripping of the essential oils and keeping your skin hydrated, a good moisturizer keeps the skin young and hydrated. Whilst on my hunt for the best skin care products for my acne skin, I found this brand Do More Always and thought of giving it a try.

I bought this skin combo kit which was comparatively cheaper compared to the individual products. The kit is now available for just INR 980 compared to the actual price INR 1400 ( Buy Here). I wanted to review all these amazing products for my viewers. Here’s the detailed review to help you guys 🙂

Always Cleanse Foaming Face Wash Review

I used to experiment with different home remedies and products to get rid of my acne. However, I kept struggling to combine collect right ingredients. I got a simpler solution to get rid of my pimples with this face wash. Always Cleanse Foaming Face Wash is a gentle face wash infused with neem, aloe vera, coffee oil and glycolic acid. The goodness of neem, aloe vera and glycolic acid prevents growth of acne causing bacteria. It refreshes the skin and keeps extra oil at bay throughout the day. It also contains coffee oil that not only acts as a gentle exfoliator but also helps in brightening and tightening skin. Since 2 weeks of usage there has been no sign of new pimples.

Usage and Fragrance: Moisten face and take  a pea-sized amount in your palms and use fingertips to apply on your face. Wash off and pat dry, use twice daily for best results. It has a very mild scent of aloe vera that wouldn’t bother sensitive nose. It exfoliates exfoliates and refreshes the skin. Add this cleansing foam in your daily regime to maintain the oil balance on your face.


  • Removes extra oil
  • Suits all skin types
  • Eliminates dirt and impurities
  • Infused with goodness of neema nd aloe vera
  • Controls acne and itching

MVR Rating- 8/10

Always Hydrate Face Moisturiser Review

If you think having sensitive or oily skin means you can skip on moisturizer, you don’t want to know what’s in store for the future. Here’s the forecast: dehydrated, dull and pre-mature saggy skin with wrinkles and fine lines. Thick moisturizers feel heavy on the skin, leaving the skin oily and greasy. When choosing face moisturizers for sensitive skin, look out for labels that mention dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Always Hydrate Face Moisturiser is a lightweight, quick-absorbing formula that hydrates your skin without making it look oily. Niacinamide in this moisturizer minimizes pores, improves uneven skin tone and reduces skin dullness.

My Experience– This lightweight and milky formula provides deep nourishment while significantly improving the skin’s natural radiance. It is infused with Vitamin B5, Shea Butter & Vitamin E which helps to diminish pores and dullness. It prevents the growth of new acne and improves overall texture. If I apply it on the morning, my skin is dewy and hydrated until I wash my face in the evening.


  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Moisturizes skin all day long
  • Soft and supple skin with natural glow
  • Reduces pores and fights dullness
  • Suits all skin types

MVR Rating- 10/10

Always Protect Sunscreen Review

No matter what the weather outside, one should always wear a sunscreen without fail. The harmful UV rays can easily penetrate skin to damage elastin and can cause premature ageing. A sunscreen with good SPF (sun protection factor) helps shield you from the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays. It is advisable to reapply sunscreen (which is sweat and water resistant) every 2 hours if directly exposed to sunlight. Nobody likes any heavy and greasy face cream, therefore sunscreen too should be light in texture and also keep skin moisturized.

My Experience-The packaging of this product is travel-friendly. It arrives in a tiny white bottle that diffuses small amount of product with each pump. Always Protect Sunscreen is a potent moisturizing sun protector with SPF 50 that works as a defense system for the skin by protecting it from ill-effects of the sun, heat and UV radiation. The texture of Always Protect Sunscreen is as light and milky as its moisturizer. It basically locks essential moisture and works as a defense system for the skin. This Sunscreen provides pure goodness of nature for radiant and youthful skin. It doesn’t cause irritation to the skin and is free from all preservatives fragrance, color, and alcohol.


  • Light-weight and non greasy lotion
  • Sheer formula that absorbs quickly
  • UVA and UVB protection with 50+ SPF
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Provides protection against free radical damage

MVR Rating- 10/10

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