Bridal Makeup Trends 2022

Indian Bridal Makeup has transformed over the last 2-3 years. Brides would prefer lots of shimmer, with bold eyeliners and lipsticks, unlike today, when most brides prefer subtle looks that just enhance their natural beauty.  Some brides have no idea what the MUAs are doing with their makeup and are frequently disappointed on their wedding day. So here’s the gist of the ongoing bridal makeup trends of 2022 that every bride-to-be should consider. 

Image Source- Instagram

Nude Lipstick- When it comes to lipsticks, the past few years have been about warm-toned pinks and browns, even for brides. Gone are the days when bright lipsticks like Ruby Woo were preferred by brides as well as makeup artists. MUAs are focusing on giving pouted lips a makeover by overlining them and adding high-shine nude gloss. In order to make lips stand out, brides are opting for nude ombre effects that gently evolve from light in the centre of the lips to dark around the edges. 

Image Source- Instagram

Smudged Eyeliner- No more sharp cat eyes, it’s time for softer eyeliner looks that are created with matte eyeshadow. The technique involves smudging the pencil kajal with a pencil brush and layering matte eyeshadow on top of it with soft strokes. It is difficult to achieve a subtle smudged look with a gel eyeliner that dries up and creates a harsh line

Image Source- Instagram

Nude Kajal- A nude or white toned kajal on the waterline adds instant brightness and makes smaller eyes look bigger. It is best to opt for nude kajal instead of white as it looks less dramatic. The formulation should be pigmented and smudge-proof so that it lasts all day long.

Brown Smokey Eyes- Classic brown eyes look super flattering on every bride, but there is a slight twist to it lately where MUAs are going for matte brown eyes, skipping all kinds of shimmers and glitters. All you need is a nude palette, which has different shades of brown and neutrals. The right way of doing it is by applying a dark shade all over the lid and a lighter shade to create the crease.

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