Check Out These Sustainable Fashion Brands

It’s a common knowledge that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world and the environmental damage is increasing as the industry is growing. It’s time for fashion lovers to make conscious purchasing choices. Nevertheless some creative or rather highly imaginative designers are taking initiatives to cut back on textile wastage by curating fashion products using waste material or by choosing organic fibers that do not require chemicals to be produced.

Check out these unbelievably creative Sustainable Brands..


Mishe, a contemporary womenswear brand by Bhumika and Minakshi Ahluwalia focuses on zero and minimal wastage of fabrics by using special pattern-making techniques with an interplay of handwoven fabrics. The brand is promoting upcycling by curating contemporary jackets, dresses, pants, and co-ords with zero wastage technique. In a few styles, one can also get the customization done in terms of color and fabrics.


UPSHOP is a sustainable clothing brand that uses textile waste from designers to make hand-painted and customized unique products like bunnies, keychains, t-shirts, and sweats.


Ever wonder what happens to your discarded USB cords and cables? Would you be astonished if I tell you these wires are used to adorn footwears? Tega Akinola, a 22 year old British Designer customizes Nike shoes by adding pockets and uses scrap materials to make sock heels and bucket hats. Check out her Instagram page


Denim is one fabric that can never go out of style. Designer Neha Celly has created her own unique niche by turning waste denim scraps into crop jackets, short dresses in unique patterns. The brand has collaborated with the Indian denim giant Arvind Mills to use their denim scrap waste into making the complete collection. 

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